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For researchers interested in an intuitive approach to environmental topics – such as the question of global warming to the impact of a global economy – GREENR is a sophisticated resource that examines the issues that are shaping the future across the United States and around the world.

Updated daily, GREENR (Global Reference on the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources) takes patrons to new levels of understanding with:

  • Resources to support in-depth research in business, government, law, medicine and other specialized fields
  • Intuitive navigation that engages novice and expert users alike

GREENR brings a balanced assortment of familiar functionality and immersive multimedia that delivers:

The content that empowers users:

  • Hundreds of English-language international newspapers, magazines and refereed journals
  • Recognized sources of videos, podcasts and images, updated daily
  • Searchable case studies to support targeted research
  • A variety of search and browse options

The technology that gets results:

  • Interactive maps that facilitate browsing by country or topic

The portals to greater understanding:

  • Country portals covering more than 160 nations
  • Topic/Issue portals in more than 150 categories, from animal welfare to wind energy
  • Organization portals providing overviews and links to international associations
Customize your GREENR homepage to include local resource portals and more.