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GREENR (Global Reference on the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources) is a new, authoritative online resource that focuses on the academic study of sustainability and the environment.

GREENR allows users to navigate issue, organization and country portals. A one-stop site, this resource provides news, video, primary source documents and more in highly accessible research areas covering relevant categories such as energy systems, healthcare, food and others.

Researchers view content in a way that resembles the Web, allowing them to easily browse to find answers. Other features include:

  • Interactive maps, allowing users to browse by country or topic
  • Contextual multimedia, customizable journals and news and refereed case studies

From topics like food safety to the impact of economic development on international relations, today's important environmental issues are shaping the future and reach far beyond the United States. Additionally, as green collar jobs grow, this resource supports students preparing for future careers in the industry.

GREENR helps information-seekers understand emerging GREEN technologies, issues around the environment and sustainability.

The Country Finder is one gateway to country profiles as well as related issues.